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Looking Locally in Temecula for a Plumbler Can Help You Save Money

Posted on by webeditors

Whether you are planning on remodeling an existing structure or building from scratch, upgrades to plumbing fixtures and planning for the future are two of the best tools at your disposal. This article is here to explore some simple ways of saving money when installing new plumbing facilities.


Look Locally

Just like any employee commuting to work, distance has to be a factor to consider. When looking online, one of the top results when typing in a broad word like “plumber,” might be as much as 50 to 100 miles from your location. Localizing the search to your area (for example, let’s say “Temecula plumber”), and JC Plumbing will be one of the top results that comes up. This is because we cater to the local areas around Temecula including Fallbrook, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, Rainbow Valley, and Murrieta. By searching for your technician locally, you limit their travel time and cost to get out to you. By cutting down on these costs, it limits their charges.

Another benefit of using local technicians and plumbers is that they can add that small-town feel without suffering small-town slowness. Having a plumber familiar with the facilities and the local water table gives them the added expertise and knowledge that might apply to your problem. For example, if a customer is having problem with drainage and backflow, they might assume the problem is in their sewer or septic system and call a plumber. A local plumber will also be aware if there have been heavy rains in the customer’s area which might be a factor in drainage. This gives them an advantage to take care of the problem by being familiar with the landscape versus another that might have to familiarize themselves when they arrive.


Empower Yourself

By learning more about your facilities and what needs to be done to upgrade them to the standard you would prefer, homeowners are able to empower themselves against people who might otherwise take advantage of their ignorance. Researching, learning, and comparing the differences between items associated with your new field of study are great methods for preventing yourself from being taken advantage of by a shady tech. JC Plumbing walks each of our clients through our services and educate the owner as we go along if they have any questions. No method is top secret. By educating our customers, we hope to share with them some of our power and encourage them to use us in the future.


Buy Direct

For upgrades and remodels especially, a great way for a homeowner or business owner to manage savings is by buying fixtures directly from the manufacturer. Search through hardware catalogs and design trend magazines is an excellent way to identify the make and model of fixtures you would like, however buying from these locations include surcharges for convenience that add up over time. Taking notes from these sources and purchasing the exact model number you prefer directly from the maker can cut down immensely on cost. However, before purchasing from the manufacturer, inquire with your service technician to see if their company might be able to save you even more money using their wholesaler’s license with the maker. JC Plumbing has that ability which can save the homeowner greatly as it also discludes guesswork in purchasing the right fixtures.


Copper or Pex?

The old saying, Copper is Proper, refers to the use of copper pipes in home plumbing. Copper works well as an insulating tool but has a tendency to build up rust and erosion on the inside, flaking off into drinking water. While the levels are acceptable for now, a new material has entered the market called Polyethylene Crosslinked Tube designed specifically for moving water. On the market, it is called PEX. Copper has also skyrocketed in price due to it being a prime component on computer hardware and microchips. Every electronic device has copper which makes piping a home more expensive than it has ever been. PEX allows for flexible or rigid construction and is a much more efficient, less expensive alternative to copper that has been rated to last longer than the former in day-to-day use. Pex connections are also slightly stronger than copper and less likely to leak. Overall it is a much more intelligent purchase than traditional copper lines. For more information on PEX piping, please visit this resource.

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