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Water Conservation Tips from JC Plumbing: Part II

Posted on by webeditors

With our last installment, JC Plumbing shared with you simple tips and tricks to save money in your home. Now we will focus on methods outside of your home that will save your pocketbook.

Save Water Outside


Water Cycles

Water your landscaping only early morning (before 6 a.m.) or evening (after 8 p.m.)

Sweep clean with a broom rather than waste water

Do not use your hose to water-sweep concrete driveways, patios and sidewalks. Use a broom.

Washing your car

Use a hose with a turn off at the nozzle. Use a bucket of soapy water. Soap the car and quickly hose down

Repair broken sprinkler heads

A single broken sprinkler head can cost a homeowner hundreds of dollars a year.

Install an efficient irrigation system to reduce overspray

By controlling the drainage in your yard, home owners can spread out the flow of water to prevent low spots and sink holes in their yard by directing the water to dry plants.

Install drip irrigation when possible to avoid water evaporation

Drip irrigation systems allow a constant flow of moister to your plants without required heavy spraying or exposure to the elements. Evaporation leads to about 25% of total water loss from lawns.

Mulch your landscaping to reduce evaporation

Mulch holds moister in while keeping weed seeds and stickers out of the dirt. Line the area with a weed cloth before laying down mulch to further prevent weeds and evaporation.

Turn off irrigation systems when rain is forecast

There is no sense in watering your yard when nature will water it for you. Save some cents by turning it off when rain is in the forecast.

Use insulated pool covers

Pool covers prevent water evaporation, debris from entering your pool filter, and retain heat without requiring an electric heater to warm your pool during winter months.

Plant drought tolerant plants. Ask your local Hardware store for more information.

By planting species that don’t require very much water or have natural fail-safes should water become scarce, the homeowner allows their yard to look green and lush without requiring a great deal of water to get it that way.


Now you should have a great deal many more tools to continue to save money and improve the efficiency of your home. See us next time for more tips and tricks!

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