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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber in Murrieta, CA.

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The worse has happened. A leak, a back-up, no water pressure… On the other hand, perhaps you are planning a remodel or renovation. Whatever the matter, you have decided it is time to hire a plumber and trust a stranger with your home. How do you choose the right one? The most important part of the homeowner/plumber relationship is trust. If you can not trust this person into your home, you won’t hire them back. The majority of business J C Plumbing receives is from repeat business. This is because we build trust with our clients through open communication and reliable service for what we feel is an affordable price for our expertise. Here is a simple guide for determining the value of the person you hire based on our experience with our clients. We hold ourselves to these standards as you should hold every plumber to them.


Questions and Answers

Humans are an interesting people. We ignore our inner instinct. The method to trusting the right people is go with your gut. If you do not innately trust a person when you meet them, don’t hire them. It is okay to walk away and tell them “I’m sorry, but I’m still looking for the right person for this job.” The best way to do this is when you first encounter them. Their website and email communications can only tell your gut so much. The best method is to first call the company and then invite them over to your house if the call goes and feels well. Here is a list of questions you can ask them over the phone before inviting the wrong person to your house.


What kind of Licensing and Insurance does this plumber have and how can I verify this information?

All contractors have to register with their state in order to practice their profession legally. To identify if the plumber you are using has gone through this process you can visit the California State License Board’s website and check on their information to see if their license has expired or is active. J C Plumbing’s active license can be viewed here. Plumbers should also carry their plumber’s license, which is an ID card similar to a driver’s license. This can be inspected in person.


Is it cheaper to buy my own fixtures or use the ones that the plumber can provide?

Typically, a licensed plumber has access to a wholesaler’s license and a distribution network of parts that allows them to buy materials at a large discount unavailable to the public. Buying materials through the plumber ensures the parts are the correct ones and will be of a quality measure for the plumber to put himself behind it. Purchasing your own parts might not guarantee the correct sizes, lengths, or fittings will be available which might require the plumber to go to the hardware store to purchase the correct ones. While a plumber will have no problems installing the parts purchased by the homeowner on their own, it might increase the price by the margin of the higher material and labor cost.


Does your company provide estimates?

You should get a ballpark figure up front and know the hourly rate for the service you are providing. While hourly rates will differ from one company to another, asking for both the hourly and the ballpark will give you an idea of how long the job will probably take. If an hourly rate is low but the estimate is high, be cautious with hiring that plumber. Some plumbers will charge a small fee for a more accurate estimate from the ballpark. This is a cost-saving measure because the estimate is usually deducted from the cost of the work and it gives the homeowner a point of comparison if he chooses to interview other plumbers for the same job. Getting multiple bids ensures hiring the best person for the best price.

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