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JC Plumbing prides itself on being able to offer the best services to its clients. Our expert installers and technicians are trained in the latest techniques and technology associated with your plumbing needs. When calling a plumber is required for remodels, repairs, or retrofitting an existing system, trust your job to the skilled hands of someone who has been doing jobs like this for over 30 years of combined experience. Because of the experience we bring to any project, all new plumbing work is completed in a timely and efficient manner.



Unlike a domestic plumbing repair, where timeframes can be adjusted based on the individual schedules of the homeowner, a business owner wants their establishment to be up and running as soon as possible. Upgrading kitchen features in a restaurant or handling a common drainage in a public bathroom are some of the most important factor for a business owner to keep in mind as he secures a quick-and-painless transition into the new facility. Down-time for a business can be disastrous so trust JC Plumbing to cut this time down to a fraction of what other plumbers will require to complete the same task. Our staff will be able to identify and acquire the proper materials and supplies ahead of time so these things don’t have to be hunted down during the duration of the remodeling work. By working with our suppliers, we can estimate the cost ahead of time and buy at wholesale prices to pass the savings onto our customers. We include material costs into our quote so there are no surprised when hiring us to complete your job.



Sometimes things go wrong in your business. A pipe explodes, a leaky seal starts squirting water, perhaps there is sediment in the pipes. Sometimes the worst-case-scenario happens in a way not anticipated by the business owner. In cases such as this, the best method is to trust the professionals who know at a glance what the problem is and how best to repair it. A quick fix is something dedicated to lesser-talented plumbers as ours do it right the first time. For bathroom or industrial kitchen repairs, a single early-close and a long weekend is sometimes all that is required to get the facility up to 100% as quickly as possible. Compare this to the sometimes two-week long repair schedules of other companies. Ours strives to keep the flow of our customer’s lives unhindered by disaster they might face.



Sometimes new features need to be added to an existing system. Industrial machines that require water and gas lines might be installed in a new facility or upgrading to low-flow plumbing fixtures in a pre-existing office bathroom. It is always easier to start from a blank slate, especially when it comes to repair work. Not unlike the computer-oriented individual who is cleaning up rotten code from a previous sloppier programmer, he might encounter someone who did not problem-solve as well as he could have. There might be pipes installed at the wrong angle, MacGuyver’d solutions to drainage problems, mis-used diameters or too much slack. To the untrained eye, these might not seem like big mistakes, but to a highly skilled plumber or technician like those staffed by JC Plumbing, these are horrid and easily avoided mistakes that can cause deceptive problems and mysterious flow and pressure problems where the water seems to ooze out rather than flow. Allow us to get your facilities up to the expected grand use they were meant for.