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Commercial Plumbing Services By Industry

Modern plumbing has been a staple in modern homes since the roman empire when it was invented. Though the ancient Romans used principles such as gravity and water pressure to push and manipulate their flow of water, modern technology allows us more control through electrical pumps and industrial strength materials. So common in so many places, a good plumbing job has a tendency to recede into the background and go un-noticed. It’s only when something has gone wrong that a plumber’s work is usually inspected by the building owner. The owner can’t always be on site immediately to handle the situation, so JC Plumbing offers the services of handling the situation for them. We provide a slew of services for just such an occurrence; where you know by calling JC Plumbing, you’re trusting a bad situation in the right hands.

Property Management

JC Plumbing has been working with a variety of property management firms since our inception. For those handling the management of several properties or are handling the superintendent duties for another firm, they understand the difficulty and headaches raised by random problems springing in the middle of the night. By having a reliable plumbing and HVAC service such as ours on speed-dial, the smart property manager will eliminate more headaches and anguish than might come from hiring the wrong person. Check out our special deals for property management firms.


Keeping a regular and friendly plumber handy is always a good idea. For the busy retail establishment that has open public bathrooms or a flowing central water feature, a plumbing leak or problem could spell disaster when it comes to lost revenue. Due to our quick and easy assessment and repair services, we can guarantee a quick return to regular business in no time. Visit our page for more details about how we can help you.

Rental Owners

If you own or manage a rental or series of apartments, then it is good to establish a working relationship with the plumber you continually use. Familiarity with the property means that he will be able to maintain it in good working order between tenants should they treat the property with disrespect. A building owner can not always control what their tenants do, but he can control how he response to the situation. Inspect our rental services to see how they fit your needs.

Food Service

No one associates plumbing with Food Service but it is very difficult to have one without the other. If you are established in a brick and mortar shop then the state most likely requires you provide a public bathroom. Running water, both hot and cold, is needed in the kitchen to prepare meals and wash dishes. Even gas-piping to handle the fumes for ovens, smokers, and other food preparation stations need to be installed in kitchens. For someone operating a food truck or stand, they still need access and control over these elements. Our expert technicians can aid in all of these circumstances.


It’s impossible to anticipate every need. What is common for one side of the population might not be common for the other side. For one person who is concerned about building a large fountain water feature in their yard might not be interested in information regarding an industrial sized public bathroom. For the custom jobs, from aquarium tanks to laboratory setup, please inspect what we have to offer.