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Commercial Plumbing Services for the Food Service Industry by JC Plumbing


Water usage and gas-line installation are required by law to be handled by a licensed professional when dealing with food handling and feeding customers. This is because the government (The Health Department especially) doesn’t want to be held responsible if something is improperly installed or included in a kitchen. Bu forcing everyone to cater to the same standards and adhere to the same rules, the government works to regulate and secure the same health standards expected by customers eating at these establishments. If all kitchens have to adhere to the same standards, it prevents one kitchen from feeding their customers from sub-standard facilities which might make them sick. As long as the head of the kitchen retains a clean environment, then the food is only flavored by the spices that chef adds rather than the previous meals cooked before it.

General Needs

If you live in town you will need to talk to the city zoning people and see if you can get a conditional use permit if making an industrial kitchen in your own home. If you’re building or acquiring an industrial kitchen located in a commercial setting, then these rules still apply. A health inspector would need to be called to inspect the property to make sure it adhered to health code standards.

The biggest obstacles are usually plumbing/sewage, which can be a real nightmare. Electrical service/wiring which is usually a little more straightforward. Ventilation/exhaust issues. Walls and floors have to meet certain clean-ablility requirements. Lighting has to meet certain specifications and the list goes on.

Sinks have to be big enough to submerge the largest thing you will clean in the sink and usually triple basin. So if you have a 60 quart mixing bowl you will need a large sink. Typically a grease trap is required. Lavatory facilities are required as is a another hand-washing sink in the production area. You will also need a mop sink. In some cases you can use a laundry type sink as a combo hand-washing mop sink. JC Plumbing will be able to aid you in all of these requirements and hold your hand through the process. Let us help design your dream kitchen that adhered to all of these health and safety standards.