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Anything that requires a gas or liquid to move from one location safely and effectively to another requires a plumber. This means that a new laboratory being set up to handle the caustic energy released from introducing alkali metals* to a water form in order to collect the hydrogen and helium gas -technically- requires a plumber to set up. Simple HVAC training might not be enough to handle the pressures and energies involved. Luckily, JC Plumbing knows how to install these types of set ups to spec. We have pleasure and experience handling the set up for MRI machines, DNA processing labs, CAT Scan chambers, and cryogenic equipment. No job is too large or too small for us to handle.

Plumbing Needs for Art

For the landscape architect or urban designer, sometimes the skills available are outweighed by the push towards the vision. Sometimes something that seems unachievable is reachable only when the right people are involved to try and attain the goal. In the case of industrial large fountain projects, JC plumbing has had the pleasure of working with projects like this before. We have successfully worked on programmable complex fountain arrangements such as those observed at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. We have also worked with artists to create their visions of cascading water for art pieces. This includes reflective ponds and Koi Ponds. Regular maintenance of these features will have to be handled by the property owner once JC Plumbing finishes, but that is little problem. Let us help you grab that image in your mind.


*metals that have only one electron circling their nucleus of their atom, lending to volatile and dangerous chemical reactions when introduced to conductive materials like water and ice. Most metals on the alkaloid scale are radioactive such as Radium. But some metals, such as sodium are pretty common and easy to get a hold of. For more information of the wonders of science check out the Wikipedia article on the subject.