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Commercial Plumbing Services for Retail Businesses by JC Plumbing

Water features are conversation starters. They also work at having a calming effect on the buying public when located in public spaces close to retail shops. The constant stream of bubbling water has a psychological effect reflected in the collected receipts for the day. Countless studies will point a reader to the same conclusion. Since stress is the leading cause of heart conditions and health concerns in the US, fountains and other water features were originally added to ease the stress of customers. Retailers noted that sales increased all around, even among those who wouldn’t describe themselves as stressed to begin with. While the science behind this jump in sales is still be explored, the correlation between the two can’t be ignored. Adding a fountain increases sales. If conservationism is important to the establishment, then there are options that include imported water and collected rainwater. Having a fountain system that is completely enclosed will also reduce evaporation. Installation of fountains usually takes anywhere between a few weeks to a few months to complete depending upon the complexity of the design and the materials involved.

Public Bathroom

No retail worker likes that experience of a customer having to tell you that your bathroom isn’t working. It’s rarely their fault. Sometimes it’s a female customer that flushed a sanitary napkin or a male customer who used a paper towel to clean up instead of bathroom tissue. Whatever the cause, the effect is the same; a room that can not be used until the problem is fixed. A professional reliable plumber can be at your door within minutes depending on the distance he needs to travel to fix your retail plumbing problem in a jiffy. Don’t get caught without our number handy.

Fish Tanks

Have you ever encountered an industrial sized fish tank? Perhaps at the aquarium or a sea food restaurant? Someone needs to design and install those and we are the people to do just that. Requiring specialized glass to handle the intense water pressure, let us work with our partners to design the perfect tank for your needs.