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Preventative Maintenance Program

For the moving business owner unable to spend a great deal of time on the regular maintenance issues that might arise during the course of his day, acquiring a trustworthy and reliable plumber to be on call for your needs is the best course of action. Preventative Maintenance is a key ingredient to keeping your business run smoothly while saving money at the same time. Don’t let a problem build up and explode tomorrow that can easily avoided today. Don’t let a problem determine when your business is open and when it has to be closed for repairs; scheduling regular sessions with your friendly neighborhood plumbing technician means that you’re able to fit them best into your schedule, when you can warn your guests and employees when to expect the delay in business.

We offer Preventative Maintenance Agreements to our customers who are interested in the program. This is an agreement that binds JC Plumbing and a building owner, manager, or facility manager for schedules inspections and maintenance of plumbing systems. For businesses that cater to the public that require regular inspections for the health department and building codes, using a consistent and honest service like ours will guarantee an easy process with no concern. Proper maintenance prolongs the life of plumbing systems and equipment. Fewer breakdowns means more business for the owner.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”