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Commercial Sewer Line Repair & Maintenance

Sewer lines can be defined as a main or a principal pipe in a system that distributes water or gas or electricity or that collects sewage. Sewer lines though are considered disgusting, but they equally need to be constantly maintained and to be kept in tip toe condition. If the sewer lines are not maintained, then the results to us as the people will be hard felt as it is through the sewer lines that all our waste are disposed through.

Leaks in the sewer lines can allow ground water to infiltrate and take up valuable space needed for sewage. If too much infiltration occurs, the collection system can overflow causing raw wastewater to back up into the streets where it pollutes the soil, ground water and the environment in general. After areas with high levels of infiltration are located, a field verification of the problem is required to be conducted using visual inspection, smoke testing, dye testing, or TV inspection.

Some organizations treat sewer lines with the care they deserve. Such an organization comes on the form of the department of public works. The department of public works is committed to providing environmentally sensitive wastewater treatment. In conjunction with this mission, department of public works Utility Operations Bureau performs continual evaluation and rehabilitation of the public wastewater system. A comprehensive program of on-going investigation and preventative maintenance maximizes system performance and is more economical than expensive and inconvenient emergency repairs.

The department of public work’s Bureau of Utility Operations of the Wastewater Division, maintains and operates the public sewer system in Anne Arundel County. The system consists of eight treatment plants, 241 pump stations and over 1,200 miles of pipes. The Wastewater Division has a very proactive preventative maintenance program to keep our wastewater system functioning properly and to accomplish department of public work’s mission to protect the environment.

This concern that is shown by the department of public work is hugely down to the fact that sewer lines need to be constantly monitored and this is to be done by people who are qualified and understand what is required of them.

Sewer line maintenance is a task that has to be done frequently and the necessary amount of care is to be exercised when doing the service. If you take your time and go down to check on how these sewer lines are maintained, that is the only time that you can wholly appreciate the work that the department of public work does.