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Commercial Toilet Repair Services

Most people buy their toilets directly from a plumbing contractor when building their home or from a local hardware store. As distasteful as it may be, there are many things to consider before settling on a toilet you’ll be counting on to carry out its’ functions efficiently. Anyone who has installed a toilet with weak water flow will tell you about the frustrations of constant plunging or unsanitary overflow onto the bathroom floor. Anyone who has installed an inefficient toilet will tell you what it can do to your annual water bill.

It is therefore rational for someone to carefully consider all his available options before settling on a particular type of toilet. Here are some of the examples of toilets that exist in the current market;

The flush toilet

  • The flush toilet is the most common type of toilet found in homes.The flush toilet sends waste through a series of pipes that lead to a sewer system and eventually a waste treatment plant or septic tank.

Squat Toilet

  • The squat toilet is mostly common in Turkish and Japanese households. This toilet looks like a porcelain hole in the floor that individuals have to squat over, with their knees bent in a squat position, hence the name squat toilet.


  • This is the type of toilet commonly seen in men’s restrooms. It is mounted against the wall and can be a single or a communal urinal. This type of toilet is common in restaurants and hotels.

Incinerating Toilet

  • This type of toilet does not need water, Instead of using water to flush away waste, it burns excrement and other waste products.

Composting Toilet

  • This type of toilet composts human waste by removing moisture from excrement.

Outhouse or Pit Toilet

  • Pit toilets are commonly found at campgrounds or in extremely rural areas. This is a hole dug in the ground with a small structure built around it. This type of toilet is not so common however in the world of today.

Generally, when going for toilet shopping, someone has to carefully asses all the toilets that exist and make a well reasoned and informed decision on what type and model of toilet to buy. Depending on the place and function of the toilet, people can decide what type of toilets to buy.

As awkward as it may sound, toilet shopping is meant to be done with caution and care so as to get the right selection in accordance to your needs.