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Drain Maintenance and Sewer Cleaning

Sewers and drains are some of the most essential parts of a household or business premise. This is because it is only through these drains and sewers that all the waste is disposed. This article seeks to show how drain maintenance and sewer cleaning is simple yet essential.

Anyone interested in maintaining a clean drain system, should probably start by preventing debris and foreign objects from slipping down the drain, this move will end up preventing most of the clog and odor problems caused by such blockage. You can start by placing a screen or strainer in each drain to prevent unwanted items from slipping down the drain pipe and reminding every household member to remove hair stuck in the bathroom sinks, tubs and showers after use. Another preventive measure is by wiping food particles from the kitchen sink and discarding them in a proper manner while ensuring you never pour grease or cooking fat down the drain, as this move will congeal the pipe and eventually cause clogs and foul odor emission.

Another way of protecting the drain and drain pipes from residue buildup is by pouring extremely hot water down the drain. One should do this once a day in a kitchen where the sink is heavily used and less frequently drains that are not used very often. Once a week, treat your drain with a cup of distilled white vinegar or half a cup of baking soda with a drizzle of hot water. Let the substance sit for half an hour before washing it down by turning on the hot water faucet for a full minute. Pull the drain stoppers out routinely and clean them with a scrub brush and hot soapy water. Allow a light, steady drip of water from the faucet to run down the drain constantly during extremely cold weather if your pipes are near an exterior wall or unprotected, as this will protect the pipes from freezing and keeps the drain flowing freely.

Sewer cleaning can be very simple just as long as you follow the right procedures. Even so, most of the waste flushed through the sewer system may get stuck and prevent your system from flushing. Problems may also occur at the point of disposal, inside the sewerage pipes, o at the main drainage. If there is a problem with your sewer system, it is advisable to call your plumber and not to attempt to fix it yourself as you may end up aggravating the problem further.

Once done appropriately, drain maintenance and sewer cleaning results will be worth the effort.