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 JC Plumbing Photo Gallery

Here you will find some examples of installations and repairs that we’ve performed over the years. JC Plumbing prides itself on open and honest communication with our customers. Showing you our work before hand ensures a sense of expectation of our services and craft. Plumbing work is not always a clean craft, but we have hones our skills to always leave with a clean finish. Click on any of the examples below for a gallery of more information about that project.

Tankless Water Heater

 A clean and efficient alternative to a traditional water heating system. A tankless water heater uses less water and produces less pollutants so it is also greener.

Home Filtration System

Some locations use harsh well water while other draw from a contaminated urban grid. Take control over the water that comes out of your tap with a filtration system designed to remove up to 90% of heavy metals and other contaminants.

Slab Leak Repair

A slab leak is a water line leaking under the building’s concrete foundation. It usually requires a professional drilling small holes to check gas levels to identify the location. It is a messy affair that goes quickly in expert hands.

Reese Medical Center

One of our clients, Reese Medical Center, where we installed all of the plumbing fixtures. This is a small gallery before the drywall was installed.

Chilled Glycol Lines
for 3T MRI Magnet

Detailed photos of a technical installation for a MRI Magnet’s Glycol lines. These lines are chilled to -30° C to keep the magnet constantly cool during use.

A.D.A. Restrooms

A detailed set of progress photos from a public bathroom setting showing the interior pipe layout before and after the concrete has been poured.

Western Town

The rustic aesthetic of the Western Town Bar and Grill was matched in their remodeled bathrooms installed by JC Plumbing.

Kessler Residence

A series of photos of the finished custom bathroom design in the private residence of one of our clients. Marble tiling and high-end fixtures.

Burr Guest House

The finished guest house of one of our clients where JC Plumbing was responsible for all of the kitchen and bathroom fixtures in the entire building.