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Drainage is one of those invisible things than no one considers unless it has gone wrong. While water will always flow downhill, a less-talented plumber might not consider the space or volume that water needs to flow in and could leave the client with a worse problem if things aren’t draining quickly enough.

Expert plumbers know what diameter of pipe to ue and how to account for the space it will need. This installation at A.D.A. Restaurant for their mens’ bathroom illustrates our inclusive design to account for the water required for each urinal and floor drain. The finite space available required a tetris-like fitting of each piece while still allowing room for the electrical wiring and insulation.

Note the wide-mouthed drains and industrial fittings. Each part is hand inspected by the foremen before assembly. Each step systematically replicated to ensure quality work from day to day, job to job. Each piece is marked for easy identification later should something break down the line. A professional’s job and taking only a fraction of the time of a D.I.Y. project.