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MRI Magnet Cooling System

An MRI suite is usually composed on the patient treatment room contaning the unit, a control room for operators, and an equipment room housing the MRI ancillary electronic equipment. The patient and control room are usually climate controlled through a standard HVAC setup but the equipment room usually requires a custom set up not usually visible to patients.

Most MRI equipment manufacturers have to adhere to the EPA and USMA standards requiring a dedicated chilled-water cooling system while newer MRI makers augment this system with a glycol-infused cooling system for the shield cooler itself. This system needs to be installed before the MRI is put into place so everything must be precise with the specifications.

Climate often justifies one of these split systems comprised of a chiller and a remote air-cooled condenser. This is often a better choice when dealing with maintenance schedules as it is easier to access than the water-alone system.