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Control what water you drink and cook with

Dangerous contaminants in your water can cause health risks over years of build up. Heavy metals such as lead, radon, and mercury as well as harsh poisons like nitrate, nitrite, chloroform, and E. Coli bacteria can build up in pipes over ground water, flooding right into your home. While the water district includes additives to your drinking water to filter and reduce these risks, the additives themselves can sometimes lead to harmful effects. Higher levels of floride and industrial runoff are rated every year. Adding a wall-mountain water-filtration system to your home guarantees that none of these materials will be allows to harm you or your family.

Bottled water is not as regulated by the EPA as tap water, according to Consumer Reports. In their Buyer’s Guide on Water Filtration Systems, the magazine recommends asking your local water utility company for CCR, or Conumer Confidence Report, to see what your water table readings are. If those tolerances are too high, there is a multi-step guide to choosing the right model for your needs.