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Elegance in Aesthetic

 Hard tile and marble flooring are not the easiest thing to be installed due to the hard-nature of their material. Tile and marble have a tendency to crack in large lines if too much pressure is applied to them or they are hit from a bad angle on one of their sides. Expert installers are able to make a job involving these materials look effortless.

This custom bathroom involved a JC Plumbing designed shower with hand faucet and diagonally placed titles on the floor and large individual tiles centered for the best layout. Knobs and other hardware are expertly placed at the corners of these tiles for the best layout.

The bathtub is a jetted model with a new tile rim installed to match the design sense of the rest of the bathroom. Hardware-less cabinets were installed for a clean and modern design. The clients picked out all of the materials and knew exactly what they had in mind but lacked the experience or knowledge to go about achieving what they set out to do. Working directly with JC Plumbing, they were able to get the bathroom of their dreams.