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Slab leaks are never fun. Unlike other plumbing problems in the home which are immediately noticed, a slab leak can occure for weeks and sometimes months before discovery. Often, your utility company will call with the news of an unusually high water usage reported from your location as an indication that there might be a problem. One of the reasons for the headache is that accessing the leak requires ripping up part of a home’s foundation. Below you’ll find progress photos from one of our clients who had the displeasure of a slab leak. Our systematic approach of identifying the leak through expert equipment usage by drilling holes in the foundation and testing the gas levels lets us zero in early without having to tear up parts of the floor that don’t need to be disturbed.

Once the leak has been identified, only the part of the floor that needs removal is removed, the repair is made as quickly and cleanly as possible, and then our plumbing experts use a thin-set self-leveling cement to fill the hole, as observed in the photos above. JC Plumbing works with it’s contracting partners to deliver you a home in the same shape we found it, minus the leak.