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Matching Existing Design

Not every person has the same aesthetic appeal as the next person. One person might want a modern sleak design with hard angles and smooth surfaces while another client might want to replicate a classic look that brings feelings of another era to the surface. The Western Town Restaurant is one such location, looking to match it’s classic western design when they remodeled. JC Plumbing worked with the owner to come up with fixtures in a western design and matched them to existing hardware for a complete and integrated look.

The bar required multiple sinks to be installed with traps to capture particles that might go down the drain. Drainage behind the bar for mop water and easy cleanup were also applied. The candy counter also required a new sink installed as well as drainage. Deep basin copper-lined sinks were installed in the kitchen and are featured in the gallery images above.

Custom bathroom counters were installed from large cut logs and custom sinks to fit into the wood provided. Dark rustic metals and classic top-basin pull-chain toilets were included to complete the effect of stepping back into time without dealing with the plumbing of that day. Classic low basin sinks were included on the counters to resemble the pitcher and bowl setup that was commonly used during the 1800s while still allowing for the modern convenience of running water.