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Dishwasher Service & Maintenance for Residential Properties by JC Plumbing

A dishwasher can be said to be a mechanical device that is used for cleaning dishes and any other household eating utensil. It is actually very common to spot dishwashers in the homes of people and even in restaurants. Dishwashers can be viewed as machines that were invented so that they can simplify the work of human beings with respect to the washing of utensils.

Dishwashers can be said to come in two, i.e. manual dishwashers and mechanical dishwashers. Manual dishwashers are those that rely majorly on the actual physical scrubbing of the utensils. This is both time and energy consuming. As such, most people have opted to go for the option of acquiring mechanical dishwashers.

Mechanical dishwashers clean by spraying hot water, the water is normally between 55 to 75 °C (130 to 170 °F), with lower temperatures used for delicate utensils which can break at the exposure to high temperatures. A mix of water and detergent is used for cleaning purposes, followed by clean water to remove the detergent residue, then a drying period with hot, circulated air. Some dishwashers have multiple wash and rinse periods within the complete cycle. In some dishwashers, a rinsing aid can be added to the rinse cycle to improve drying and avoid water spots remaining on dry items.

Different Types of Mechanical Dishwashers

Mechanical dishwashers also come in different variety, some of these include;

Integrated dishwashers, these Integrated dishwashers are designed to be hidden by a cabinet door. A cabinet door can be attached to the front, concealing the appliance.
Compact Dishwasher, these compact dishwashers are smaller than the average 24-inch sized dishwasher. Being only about 18 inches wide, a compact dishwasher can easily fit into a small kitchen. It comes in a variety of models such as Countertop, Portable and Slim line.

Stainless Steel Dishwasher, these stainless steel dishwashers may have only a stainless steel exterior or it may have both an interior and exterior of stainless steel, depending on the consumer’s preference. An interior stainless steel leads to less rusting and cracking. In addition, a higher water temperature can be tolerated which cleans dishes better.

Depending on the needs of someone, dishwashers are meant to make the daily household chore of utensil washing much easier, and in the process also ensure that the utensils that people use, whether in the comfort of your own home or in a restaurant, are clean and safe for their purpose.