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Sewer Line Cleaning Services for Residential Properties by JC Plumbing

Sewer lines are of great importance as they are what carry all the waste excretes from human beings and dumps them to the relevant dumping site. As such, the cleaning of sewer lines has to be done with the utmost care and specialty.

Most people tend to think that carrying out sewer line cleaning is an easy task, some people even opt to buy chemicals which they think to be able to clean the sewer lines which unfortunately is not the case. Plumbers actually advise people against using such chemicals for the sewer cleaning purposes.

In order for the best result in sewer lines cleaning to be achieved, the following need to be done;

One has to first locate the cleanout plug on their plumbing system. The clean out plugis normally a large nut near the bottom of the soil stack on the main drain line.One then needs to place a bucket beneath the nutso as to catch any liquids that have accumulated in the course of time.

One then needs to remove the nut, the clean out plug, using a large wrench. Be prepared to step back, as the blocked water will overflow once the plug nut is removed due to the pressure that accumulates during the time that the nut is closing the hole. Thereafter,snake an auger through the open pipe, running it back and forth several times to dislodge the clog. This act of snaking an auger is very important to the process of sewer lines cleaning.

After the snaking process, the plumber or whoever is doing the sewer lines cleaning process has to remember to replace the nut, the clean out plug, on the now clean drain.

This process of sewer lines cleaning is not for the faint at heart, this process requires someone to be devoted and also someone needs to get ready to get dirty due to the obvious fact that sewer lines are not a clean place to be.

Sewer lines need to be maintained through the cleaning process. This maintenance does not take place easily, nor does it come easily, one has to find the right person with the right skills and qualification to do the work. This is because if someone who is not qualified carries out the sewer lines cleaning service, they may end up ruining the sewer lines rather than maintain them.