5 Things You Should Never Put Down the Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is strong enough to chew up all sorts of food waste. It is not invincible, though, as many people incorrectly perceive. If the wrong thing ends up in the disposal, it could cause serious damage to it, or the pipes connected.

Here is a quick list of five things to never put down your garbage disposal:

  • Grease: The biggest offender for household things that go down the disposal but definitely should not is grease. After cooking bacon in the morning or some burgers for dinner, it seems natural to just dump the leftover grease down the sink for easy clean up. Do not do this in your kitchen. Grease sticks to the pipes, coagulates, and causes major clogs, and in less time than you might expect. The best way to dispose grease easily in your own home is carefully pouring it into a can and tossing that into the regular garbage when full. If you are worried about spilling, you can reduce how much grease you have to pour by first using a paper towel to soak up excess grease.
  • Eggshells: When you are finishing up your breakfast, do not act too hasty with those eggshells! Put them into the garbage can, not the disposal. Eggshells are naturally resilient, so the chopping blades of a garbage disposal struggles to pulverize them. After a while, a clog will occur. With this in mind, do not break eggs over the sink, as bits of shell will fall in.
  • Produce stickers: The little stickers slapped onto fruits and vegetables seem innocuous, but they can cause big problems for your garbage disposal. The adhesive can stick to blades and pipes, contributing to clogs. Along this same line of thinking, do not put any paper products into the disposal, either.
  • Flour and pasta: A food group that can resist the power of a garbage disposal and clog up is pasta and other flour-dense foods. Pasta is dense and sticky, which acts against the disposal blades. Flour, on the other hand, naturally clumps up with water, so pouring it down your sink effectively stuffs “fresh bread” right into the pipe. Not ideal.
  • Coffee grounds: Last but not least, coffee grounds end up in disposals across the country every morning. Each one of these incidents is a bit of a problem, though. Coffee grounds will also likely lump up, causing a clog.

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