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Garbage Disposal Installation in Murrieta

Make Cooking & Cleaning Easy with a Garbage Disposal Unit

Garbage disposals are a staple in every American kitchen. At least, they should be due to their convenience and usefulness. You can make cleaning during and after preparing a meal a breeze by flicking a switch and disposing refuse.

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Choosing a New Garbage Disposal

Whether you want a brand new garbage disposal unit because your kitchen doesn’t have one at all, or you want to replace an old unit that is acting up, you will have your choices of new models. You can talk with our plumbers about your options and considerations if you don’t know where to begin. We can install all types of garbage disposal units safely and quickly, so no matter what you end up choosing, we can install it.

There are two designs of garbage disposal units you can choose:

  • Continuous-feed: Most people have a continuous-feed garbage disposal, which can be switched on and off as desired. Simply flip a switch and let the garbage disposal do its work, then shut it off when finished.
  • Batch-feed: For added safety, you can install a batch-feed garbage disposal, which can only be activated when the unit is capped shut. The trade-off is less convenience because you can’t leave it running while you scoop refuse into it.

If you don’t have any kids or pets that like to explore around your kitchen in your house, then a continuous-feed garbage disposal unit is probably the right choice. The convenience and typically-lower cost are great benefits. However, if you are worried about safety, or silverware getting forgotten down there, then a batch-feed will be best.

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