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Did your child put a toy down your garbage disposal and now it won’t turn on? Did a guest drop a fork down there and broke the motor? Maybe you accidentally put the wrong foods into the garbage disposal, not realize it would cause a major clog? No matter what reason your garbage disposal needs repairs, JC Plumbing of Murrieta is the team to get it done!

Why do so many people choose JC Plumbing?

  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee on parts and labor.
  • Our screened, drug-tested, and certified technicians.
  • Our straightforward pricing with no tricks or hidden fees.
  • Our industry-leading courtesy and genuine friendliness.

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Signs You Need Garbage Disposal Repair

When your garbage disposal is working properly, it helps to keep your sink as well as your pipes clean and free from debris. When problems do arise, they can impact the way that your kitchen functions, whether it has slowed down your cooking time or cleaning time, it will make things a lot more inconvenient. We have provided you with 4 signs to be on the lookout for in order to know when your garbage disposal needs repair.

  • Abnormal Noises -
    If you are hearing strange noises every time your turn on your garbage disposal, it could be that a piece of silverware has fallen down into the garbage disposal. It could also be that some of the components are misaligned and could be causing the terrible noise you are hearing.
  • Clogs for No Reason -
    Has your disposal been clogging for no apparent reason whenever you use it? If you notice that your garbage disposal has been clogging with even the smallest amount of food debris, it could be that you need a higher capacity model to handle what is going into it. Give us a call today and we can help you figure out the problem.
  • Odd Odors -
    Having unpleasant smells in your home is never a fun time. But, if you notice a smell that won't go away, it could be your garbage disposal. It could be something that is trapped inside of the unit that only a professional can help you with. Make sure to call us before you try and use a chemical cleaner.
  • Poor Performance -
    Have you noticed that your garbage disposal unit has slowed down in terms of disposing of loads. Is it taking an extra long time for the food to be broken down? It could be that your unit's blades may be dull. Give us a call today for reliable garbage disposal repair.

Foods That Might Have Broken Your Garbage Disposal

Many times when we are called to fix a garbage disposal, it is because something inorganic ended up down there when the motor was running. Toys, silverware, food wrappers, and more all should never go down a garbage disposal, yet end up there accidentally all the time. However, there are just as many service calls for Murrieta garbage disposal repairs related to damage caused by food waste that seems safe, unless you know better.

Here are 7 food items that you should NEVER put in your garbage disposal:

  • Bones: After enjoying chicken wings or a T-bone steak, put the refuse into the garbage can, not the garbage disposal unit.
  • Celery: This healthy snack is anything but healthy for your garbage disposal unit due to its fibrous strings.
  • Coffee grounds: You can pour the coffee you don’t drink down the drain, but never any coffee grounds.
  • Egg shells: Don’t ruin your nice breakfast by putting egg shells into the garbage disposal. Some people say egg shells are safe for the sink, but it is best not to risk it and just use the garbage can for them instead.
  • Grease: The last thing you want to pour down your garbage disposal is grease, especially in large quantities.
  • Pasta: Did you know that many types of Italian pastas are doughy enough to jam up your garbage disposal?
  • Pits: The pits of many fruits, like peaches and avocados, will destroy a garbage disposal blade.

If your garbage disposal unit is making odd noises, won’t start, or doesn’t break down food, call (951) 433-7780 to get JC Plumbing of Murrieta on the job!



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