Residential Plumbing

As experts in residential service and repair, we offer a broad scope of services ranging from drain cleaning to complete repipes, and everything in between.


From freestanding baths to sleek wet rooms, we help make your ideal bath space a reality. We provide professional expertise and quality workmanship to guarantee your project is done right the first time.

Water Heaters

You have a lot to consider when selecting a new hot water heater for your home. From tank type to tankless, gas or electric, our technicians will help you decide what type and size is best for your home and family needs.

Drain Service

Clogged drains are generally caused by years of build-up and can eventually lead to some major headaches. Whether it be a blockage or simply a slow drain, JC Plumbing is the cost-effective plumbing solution that you are looking for.

Plumbing Fixtures

Generally, faucet and sinks are what define the beauty of your home. We can install provided fixtures or even recommend to you what would bring out the best within your home, all at an affordable, no hassle free price. 

Garbage Disposals

Your garbage disposal is one of those things you probably never see but you use almost every day. As a result, it’s important that your garbage disposal is working properly! Our technicians can fix your garbage disposal no matter what's wrong with it.

Soft Water Systems

If you’re having problems with hard water, including clogged drains and showerheads, then we can help! While not harmful to your health, hard water can be disastrous to your plumbing hardware. 

Hot Water Recirculating Systems

Depending on the size of your home and the distance to your water supply, some fixtures may require several minutes before hot water is delivered to a fixture. If you are tired of waiting for hot water or don't like the idea of wasting water, you may consider installing a hot water recirculating system, which our technicians would be happy to provide.

Gas Leaks

As a licensed plumbing contractor, we can help you find and repair your leak, and get your gas turned back on as quick as possible. JC Plumbing is your expert source for gas line repair and you can count on us when you suspect you have a gas leak in your home or business.

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

Don’t like the way your water tastes? Worried about what might be in there? Scale build-up on your faucets and fixtures? These are just a few concerns our customers have with their water supply. Thankfully, we install Reverse Osmosis System's that can eliminate these concerns and provide purified, drinkable water at a low-cost.

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