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How to Avoid Three Annoying Plumbing Problems During the Holiday Season

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The holidays are a great time to gather your family around for a celebration, a feast, and some reminiscing together. When your family is over to practice family traditions, the last thing you need is an annoying plumbing problem spoiling everything. However, if you aren’t proactive about taking care of your home’s plumbing system, problems can strike without warning.

Here are three common holiday plumbing problems and how to avoid them:

  • Sewer line issues: With more people coming into your home than usual, the sewer line is going to be under more stress than usual, too. If something goes wrong and the sewer line backs up into your home, then all of your guests are sure to run out of your holiday celebration, wishing never to return. Be proactive and schedule a drain cleaning service from JC Plumbing in Murrieta today. By cleaning out your drains before you have guests over, we can dramatically reduce the chances of a clog, backup, or backflow occurring during your holiday party. The sooner we can inspect and work on your drains, the better, so don’t delay!
  • Kitchen sink clogs: Speaking of parts of your plumbing system working overtime, your garbage disposal will probably have a lot to do with all of the holiday cooking and feasting. If your garbage disposal unit has not been serviced in a while, then it might not be up to the upcoming challenge. To prevent your garbage disposal from clogging up and making a big scene in the kitchen while your family is trying to eat and relax, consider getting a new garbage disposal installed by our pros. Some newer models can chew through almost any food waste that goes down them without a hitch. In case you already have a great garbage disposal but it is acting up, we also offer garbage disposal repair services.
  • Running out of hot water: Are you having guests actually stay in your home a few days this holiday season? While it is nice to have family so close again, it is not nice if it means some of you won’t be getting a warm shower. Stop running out of hot water as more people in your home take showers in a row and start feeling refreshed again by getting an advanced tankless water heater installed by our professional technicians. Tankless water heaters don’t run out of hot water because they heat water on-demand. They also take up much less space than tanked alternatives and consume less energy. It’s a great win for you and your wallet! You can get a tankless water heater installed by our team in less time than you might think, too.

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Are you fully prepared for the holidays? You aren’t unless you’ve let JC Plumbing assist with any and all of your plumbing concerns! Take advantage of our great deals on sewer line cleaning, garbage disposal installation, and tankless water heater installation services today to keep your holidays clean and comfortable for everyone.

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