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Which Water Heater Best Matches Your Lifestyle?

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Think about your daily routine, from start to finish. Now, imagine it without any hot water. It would probably throw a wrench in your day, not to mention add discomfort and inconvenience. From showering to doing your laundry, from washing your hands to cleaning your dishes, hot water plays a significant role in getting you through your chores and routines successfully.

So, if your water heater is inadequate for your use, or your water heater fails, your day is derailed. That’s why we here at JC Plumbing are diving into your residential water heater options. We will reveal which water heater suits differing lifestyles, so you know the right system for your home. No matter your consumption, the time of day, or the season, your home should have a plentiful, consistent hot water supply.

Here’s how to find your perfect fit:

Traditional: Storage-Tank Water Heater Units

Your traditional water heating option is the storage-tank unit, which stores hot water within a temperature-controlled tank. These tanks are monitored by a thermometer that tracks changes in water temperature. When the water within the tank naturally begins to cool, due to standby heat loss, your water heater will kick on to reheat the sitting water within your tank. This process is cyclical—your water is consistently heated and reheated throughout the course of a day. This ensures that you have hot water when you need it.

Although this process is reliable, it requires a lot of energy. So, your energy bills will be significantly higher with a storage water heater than with the alternative; yet, the low installation costs will offset this discrepancy for a short period of time.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly installation, a traditional water heating unit is your best option, especially if you are in a temporary home, have a low hot water demand, or are looking to replace your unit before selling your property, a storage-tank system is your Cinderella slipper fit.

Efficient: Tankless Water Heater System

Looking for on-demand hot water? Tankless water heating units provide just that. If you have to create a shower schedule in your household in order to avoid bouts of cold water, a tankless water heater will resolve your hot water woes.

With this unit, as soon as you turn on a plumbing fixture in your home, your water heater will activate the heating coils, which line your piping. So, as your water travels through your plumbing network, it will hit your desired temperature for delivery!

This heating process is more efficient than other systems, as it eliminates standby heat loss and only heats your water when you are calling upon it. That way, no energy is being expended when a fixture is not in use. However, this energy-saving technology comes at a higher price. But, once again, the difference in installation cost is offset by your energy savings. Over time, you will see that the value of your installation will be recovered many times over by the decrease in operations costs that come with a tankless unit.

So, if you are in your forever home, have a large family, or simply have a high rate of consumption, the savings you will experience from energy conservation will justify the costs of installation. Not to mention, you’ll never have to worry about running out of hot water!

To establish which system is the best water heating unit for your home and lifestyle, contact JC Plumbing at (951) 433-7780. We are here to help you reinstate a healthy flow of hot water in your home. For water heater installation, reach out! We are continuing to practice CDC recommended protocols to ensure that our technicians and clients are safe and healthy.